Asthma Management for Your Children – What You Can Do

Asthma Management for Your Children

Asthma Management for Your Children – What You Can Do

This article covers the Asthma Management for Your Children as asthma in babies is one of the most critical health issues. Babies who are allergic to pollen, mold, dust or other allergens, get asthma cough or wheeze. It is of pivotal importance to know Asthma Management for Your Children.

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Treating asthma attack on time can save you from serious health conditions. You can isolate your babies from allergens but it is not possible all the time. So, if your baby has asthma attack you can do following Asthma Management for Your Children.


Asthma Management for Your Children - Medicines

If you observe symptoms of allergic symptoms in your child. Visit the pediatrician, pulmonologist or an allergist who is specialized in asthma treatment. He will prescribe medicines for your child. This prescription includes the name of medicines and their usage pattern. He will tell the action plan in case of an asthma attack. Learn the Home remedies for asthma for babies because it is of vital importance for your child.

Most of the times, children can take the same medicine as adults but with lower dose quantity. Usually, doctors prescribe two types of medicines for your children. Those two types of medicines are as below.

1. Instant Relief medicines.

Instant relief medicines widen the respiratory tract in case of an asthma attack. Sometimes, children use this medicine before doing exercise. Albuterol(Pro Air HFA, Proventil HFA, Ventolin HFA) is the common instant relief medicine. You should take these instant relief medicines with your child so that It can be used in case of an emergency arises as a result of an asthma attack.

2. Long Term Treatment medicines.

Long term treatment medicines are for the long term cure of the asthma problem. These medicines stop asthma attack before starting. These medicines are for those children who have a frequency of asthma attack twice or more per week. Children who are in hospital due to asthma attack can take these medicines. Some famous long term treatment medicines are as below.

  • Pulmicort
  • Flovent
  • Singulair
  • Advair


So many kids use both types of medicines. Long term treatment medicines for the cure purpose on a daily basis. Instant relief medicines are for quick relief during an emergency due to an asthma attack. Usually, children do not take medicines easily that is why the following ways are for those children.

1. Nebulizer.

Asthma Management for Your Children - Nebulizer

A nebulizer is a machine which converts the medicine in a mist form. Children can inhale these moist vapors. You can use this method for infants and toddlers. A nebulizer is too much useful for infants because of it impossible for toddlers and infants to take pills.

2. Inhaler.

Asthma Management for Your Children - Inhaler

The inhaler is a device which presses the medicine in the lungs of your child. You can use the tube (spacer) for inhaling purpose. This is a more effective way to inhale as it directly passes the medicine to the lungs. Use of inhaler is easier and more effective than the nebulizer machine due to its simplicity.

3. Chewable medicine.

Asthma Management for Your Children - Chewable

There are many medicines available in chewable pills form. These type of medicine are largely accepted by most of the children due to its bubble gum like feelings. Your children can swallow the medicine as it is presumed to be bubble gum by children.



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