Best Natural Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall

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Hair fall is the most common problem these days and everyone is looking for Remedies To Control Hair Fall. Every one either young or old is facing this problem. It is common in both either man or women. There is a number of wonderful ways through which we can treat this problem. although genes play a significant role number of other factors also cause the hair to fall.

Here are given some home remedies to control hair fall problem:

1: Lemon Juice

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Lemon has properties of astringents, it tightens the pores in the scalp that control the hair also contains alpha hydroxyl acids that eliminate the dead cells and dandruff also contains vitamin C which is an essential nutrient for hair health.

Take 2-3 lemons and 1 cup of warm water, cut the lemon and take lemon juice an mix it with warm water, after washing your hair apply this liquid for some minutes and again wash hair with plain water.

Do this once a day.

2: Henna

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Since ancient times, henna has been used as natural hair color and conditioner. It strengthens the hair and to enhance its effectiveness mix it with mustard oil before applying.

Take henna in required quantity and mix it with a measured quantity of water and then add 3 teaspoons of mustard oil. apply it in your hairs and leave it for 2 hours, after that wash it with shampoo properly.

3: Onion Juice

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Onion has antibacterial properties that kill the bacteria can cause scalp infections. it also contains sulfur contents that improve blood circulation to improve hair growth.

Take the 1-2 onion and squeeze it to extract its juice.dip the cotton balls in onion juice and apply it on the scalp, leave it for 30 minutes after that wash it with shampoo.

4: Green Tea

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Green tea is famous for hair production and to stimulate hair follicles. it also increases metabolism which has been linked to an increase In the rate of hair growth.

Take 2-3 green tea bags and keep it in hot water till the water cool down, now use this solution to your hair and massage the solution over your scalp.

5: Fenugreek (methi)

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Fenugreek has the ability to enhance hair growth and help in the rebuilding of hair follicles, it also makes hair shiny, strong and long.

Soak half cup of fenugreek seeds in water overnight

Make it paste in the grinder and mix it with one egg and 1 cup of yogurt.

Apply this mixture on your scalp. leave it for one hour and wash off with plain water




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