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Child Asthma Treatment Plans

If your child is having an allergic asthma infection, you should give a try to Child Asthma Treatment Plans. Usually, your child may experience an asthma attack because of breathing in pollen, mold and other allergens. So, it is very important to treat the initial symptoms of an asthma attack so that you can prevent your child from developing more serious health conditions. This is because it is very easy to manage the symptoms in the beginning. Otherwise, your child may face serious consequences on later stages.

However, you can prevent your child from breathing in allergens but sometimes it becomes essential to use medicines. Medicine will treat asthma and allergy symptoms more efficiently.

Child Asthma Treatment Plans

The first thing to keep in mind is that if your child is having severe symptoms of asthma allergy. You should take him to the doctor immediately because home remedies and treatments will not work quickly. So, it is a wise decision to visit the pediatrician in time and get medicines for asthma treatment. The doctor will prescribe the asthma action plan. This action plan will include the following information,

  • Which medicine is to be used
  • The timing of the dose
  • What to do in case of an asthma attack

However, medicines for children are the same as for adults. But doctors may suggest a smaller dose of medicine for children. However, mainly there are two types of medicines for the childhood asthma treatment,

1. Quick Relief Medicines

Child Asthma Treatment Plans - Quick Relief Medicines

These quick-relief medicines will make the airways widen during an asthma attack. Consequently, your child will breathe easily and will prevent air passage blockage. So, usually, children take this medicine before doing exercise. Albuterol is one of the famous quick-relief medicines for asthma.

2. Long Term Treatment Medicines

Child Asthma Treatment Plans - Long Term Treatment Medicines

Sometimes, your child is suffering from chronic asthma illness. So, these medicines are used to treat the symptoms before the longer asthma attacks. Usually, doctors prescribe this medicine for children who have asthma attacks more than twice a week. The children, who have nighttime attacks more than two times in a month, may use these medicines to treat asthma. This type of medicines include following,

However, for some children, doctors may prescribe both types of medicines. Long term medicines are to be taken after a regular interval and quick-relief medicines are for the emergency. Children have to keep these medicines with them for any untoward asthma attack emergency. Furthermore, children use adult asthma medicines but in a different way,

3. Nebulizer

Child Asthma Treatment Plans - Nebulizer

A nebulizer is basically a device that will convert the medicine in the moist. Your child can take the moist through a mask. This device is very helpful for toddlers and infants because it is very difficult to give them medicine orally.

4. Inhaler

Child Asthma Treatment Plans - Inhaler

This is a tiny device and it will help in releasing the medicine in the lungs with the help of the breathing. You can place the inhaler on the mouth and ask your child to breathe in, while he/she breathes in you can press the inhaler. Furthermore, you can use a spacer tube; this tube will help to breathe in the medicine.

5. Chewable Pills

Child Asthma Treatment Plans - Chewable Pills

Sometimes, it is a tricky task to give medicine to your child. So, you can give them chewable gums which can be swollen by your child. Montelukast medicine is available in the form of chewable pills at the health stores.



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