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dry scalp remedies for newborns

Totally Natural – Dry scalp remedies for newborns

If you are in search of Dry scalp remedies for newborns then this article is especially for you. If your baby is with the dry scalp and you are searching for the home remedies. Commonly, the major reason for the scalp in babies is cradle cap. This cradle cap is also known as seborrheic dermatitis. Dry scalp is formed dandruff in babies and there are a number of reasons for this ugly type of dandruff. The scalp is basically thick, yellowish or white color scales on the skin. You can peel off the scales from the head. Baby scalp peeling after bath is safe because peeling the scalp on the dry head can hurt the baby.

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Sebum is an oily substance which helps the skin to remain moisturized. Baby’s scalp becomes dry due to excessive production of this substance (Sebum) in the cradle cap. Furthermore, there are a lot of other reasons for dry scalp in newborns for example too much washing of baby’s head with shampoo or mere water. Sometimes this scalp issue is due to any fungal infection. You should consult with your baby’s pediatrician in order to rule out the exact reason of scalp. Keep one thing in mind that dry scalp remedies for newborns are first aid techniques. Do not continue on these remedies if you are observing that dry scalp remedies for newborns are not effective in your baby’s case.

1st Step

dry scalp remedies for newborns. Bathing

Dry scalp is just baby dandruff, nothing else. This scalp sometimes brings dry skin on the baby forehead. If scales on your baby’s head are yellow or white colored with greasy appearance, most probably this problem is due to cradle cap. This is a commonly harmless issue and will vanish on its own. You should not take tension as in most cases this scalp goes on its own.

For most of the parents, such scales are still troublesome so they want to treat the scalp. If you are so worried about the baby scalp, you can use the following remedies.

You can use a vegetable oil like olive oil or coconut oil in order to remove the toddler dry scalp. You can use petroleum jelly or baby oil for the same purpose. All you need to do is just to put some oil or jelly on your fingertips and apply gently on baby dry scalp and forehead.

2nd Step

dry scalp remedies for newborns. Bathing. Oiling

Leave the oil or jelly on your baby dry scalp as it will soften scales on baby’s head. Wait for 20-30 minutes in order to ensure that scales on the head have become soften. Now gently start removing these scales. You can use a towel or you can peel off the scalp but keep one thing in mind that, do not apply too much force as it can hurt. Redness or irritation can be caused if you apply to much force in peeling off scales.

3rd Step

dry scalp remedies for newborns

Now wash the baby’s head with baby shampoo. Make one thing sue that you removed all shampoo from the baby’s head because shampoo on the baby scalp can cause even more dryness. Rinse thoroughly to make it sure that all baby shampoo has been removed from the baby’s head.

4th Step

dry scalp remedies for newborns.Hygiene

If you used to wash or shampoo your baby’s head too frequently it can cause skin dryness or dandruff. If your frequency is too high it can cause dry scalp. During the fir year of birth, babies need 3 times per week bath. Diaper area, hands, and face are to be cleaned on a regular basis or when it is required. During the normal bath, try to apply the layer of oil or any moisturizer before applying shampoo in order to prevent dryness and scalp.



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