Home remedies for asthma

Keeping in view the severity of the asthma attack it is essential for everyone to familiar with Home remedies for asthma. Asthma is basically a medical condition that is caused by swelling and inflammation of airways. The muscles around the respiratory tract produce extra mucus and make the bronchial tube narrow. An asthma attack can cause severe consequences if you do not treat it in time. Delay in response can cause the death of the victim. So, be aware of asthma attack responses so that you can save yours or someone’s life.

Asthma attacks can cause serious result so it is of pivotal importance to know the Home remedies for asthma. Taking immediate remedies can prevent serious consequences.

Some of the best home remedies for asthma attack treatment areas below.

Caffeinated Tea or coffee

Home remedies for asthma

Caffeine present in tea or coffee is useful in treating an asthma attack. Basically, caffeine is a natural theophylline. Theophylline is a medication for asthma patients. Caffeine opens up the respiratory tracts and helps to reduce swelling. Caffeine is one of the best home remedies for asthma because it improves the breathing function for many hours.

When your inhaler is not available with you, you can use caffeine as emergency medicine. Use hot tea or coffee because it gives relief in a faster manner.

Mustard Oil

natural remedies for asthma

For instant relief, mustard oil is one of the best home remedies for asthma. Try these remedies at your home for minor attacks. If the attack is severe then there is no option other than asthma attack treatment in the hospital. Mustard oil contains fatty oily which contains isothiocyanates. This substance is a product of mustard seeds. This is a little bit different from the mustard essential oil.  Mustard essential oil is medicinal oil. You should avoid applying the mustard essential oil on your skin because of its hazardous response to the skin.

Asthma attack triggers the blockage of airways so mustard oil helps to restore the respiratory tract. For better results add some salt into mustard oil and massage over the chest for several days it will improve lung function. You can use mustard plasters made of mustard seed powder due to its amazing healing ability. These plasters are poultice in shape and give warming sensation. If you are placing plasters make sure that plasters should not remain on your chest for more than 15 minutes because it can burn skin. Keep checking your skin regularly to see if any scar is occurred due to overheating.

Sit Upright

asthma treatment at home

Sitting upright with appropriate posture can help to open the respiratory tract as much as possible. It will allow you to breathe more effectively. Do not lie down because doing so will make it difficult to breathe. Try to find someplace where you can sit and lean against any surface.

Eucalyptus essential oil

allergic asthma home remedies

Eucalyptus oil is being used for centuries due to its healing properties. Inhaling vapors of eucalyptus oil can restore the blockage of the airway. It is beneficial for many medical conditions like asthma and bronchitis issues.

Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil on oil diffusers and sit near the diffuser. Take a deep breath and try to inhale the vapors. If you have not oil diffuser you can use warm water instead of the oil diffuser. Take a cup of water boil it and put a few drops into warm water and inhale fumes.

Prior to using the essential oil as an asthma remedy. Make sure that essential oils are of quality brands with maximum safety features. Some asthma patients are allergic to chemical smells. These essential oils can trigger an asthma attack due to top their chemical-like smell.

Slow and Deep Breathing

asthma remedies

Taking slow and deep breathes during an asthma attack is a challenging job. Doing so has several benefits as it resumes the airways and resumes breathing. First of all, it prevents hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is a condition in which you get less oxygen to breathe and it becomes harder to breathe. Deep breathing keeps you stable and calm. Staying stable during an asthma attack prevents your chest from tightening.



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