Home Remedies for Fever and Body Pain

Home Remedies for Fever and Body Pain

Home Remedies for Fever and Body Pain

Are you looking for Home Remedies for Fever and Body Pain? This article will quench your thirst and we will make you learn about the home remedies for cold and headache. However, symptoms of fever and body pain are nothing but part of the natural healing procedure. So, your symptoms are an indication of the fact that your immune system is fighting against illness and infection. Fever is a body’s mechanism to kill all viruses by creating a comparatively hotter environment.

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Furthermore, fever causes the production of protein which will help in germs killing. So, if you do not have to treat the fever if the symptoms are mild and do not cause so much discomfort for you. However, sometimes you catch a cough with fever, coughing is also a mechanism of your body to combat the infection and germs. It helps in clearing the air passages and prevents the germs from reaching into the lungs.

So, you have to be very wise and take appropriate consideration in order to determine that either medication or treatment is essential or not for you. Usually, people avoid taking medicines because of the side effect. So, in this case, you can try Home Remedies for Fever and Body Pain which are totally side-effects free. These all are famous and well-experienced remedies. You can easily try these remedies at home because no remedy includes complicated things to do.

List of Home Remedies for Fever and Body Pain contains the following remedies,

1. Warmth and Rest

home remedies for fever and body pain - Warmth and Rest

Staying warm is essential because your body requires a specific temperature to kill viruses and germs. Furthermore, you need to rest because your body requires more energy to combat the infections.  So, help your body by not wasting your energy in other activities. Resting will direct more energy to fight against the illness.

2. Fluid Intakes

home remedies for fever and body pain - Fluid Intakes

Taking excessive fluid intakes is one of the easiest and effective Home Remedies for Fever and Body Pain. Fever causes severe dehydration because you sweat excessively in fever. So, keep drinking the fluid as much as you can. This is because it will prevent you from dehydration. Furthermore, it will recover the mineral and other nutrients lost due to excessive sweating. However, some people use to drink more and more water but you can have any of the following drinks,

However, you should avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine drinks. This is because these can make you even iller. Furthermore, you can give special drinks like Pedialyte.

3. Over the Counter Medicines

home remedies for fever and body pain - Over the Counter Medicines

Over the Counter medicines are the easiest and fastest way to treat fever and body pain. It will cause instant relief and will make you feel comfortable. However, make it sure that you are resting a lot even after taking the OTC medication. Following are the common and famous OTC,

However, these medicines can react with other medicines and cause severe adverse effects. So, it is better to take these medicines with physician consultant. Furthermore, if you are taking OTC for fever and body pain you should following facts in mind,

  • Do not give aspirin to infants because it can cause Reye’s syndrome. This is a rare but fatal medical condition.
  • Do not USE the dose quantity more than recommended because it can cause liver damage, stomach bleeding, and kidney malfunctioning.
  • Take OTC dose only after a recommended period of time between two doses.

4. Moringa

home remedies for fever and body pain - Moringa

Moringa is very famous for treating fever and body pain because of its nutritional and medicinal advantages. This tropical plant is full of mineral, antioxidants and antibacterial agents. So, moringa can help in reducing fever and body pain. However, you should avoid using moringa if you are pregnant and taking medicines like lovastatin, fexofenadine, and ketoconazole.

Furthermore, moringa can cause a rare disease of skin called Stevens-Johnson syndrome. However, it is a very rare reaction of moringa. So, if you at risk of catching SJS reaction you should avoid taking this medicine.

5. Kudzu Root

home remedies for fever and body pain - Kadzu Root

Kudzu root is famous as Home Remedies for Fever and Body Pain, especially in China. This is well accepted because of anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, it is very famous and popular in treating body pain. However, you should avoid using Kudzu root if,

6. Staying Cool

home remedies for fever and body pain - Staying Cool

You can relieve fever and cold by keeping the surrounding cool. However, do not make it excessively cool. You do not start shivering. So, if you start shivering, stop cooling immediately. This is because too much cold can make your fever and body pain worse. However, you should adapt among the following ways to keep yourself cool and comfortable.

  • Lukewarm water bath
  • A sponge bath with lukewarm water
  • Light dressing
  • Drink plenty of cool water
  • Consume Popsicles
  • Keep your fan ON.


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