Home remedies for Flu – Definitely Will Work

Home remedies for Flu

Want to know about Home remedies for Flu and all you need to do is just take some time or if any non-infected friend or family member is around you can request him for a simple and do-able task for you to help you for flu treatment at home.

It is very common if someone finds flu symptoms he rushes towards the antiviral tablets and medicines which can cause relief in a short time but there are multiple side effects associated with doing so. It is the best and long term to go for the classic fashioned flu remedies which can be arranged at home without doing a tiring job.

You can have multiple lists circulating around the internet about which it is claimed those are the Home remedies for Flu, but what makes this list identical? This list is developed on the basis of personal experience, reviews, and research and the most important thing which makes this Home remedies for Flu list identical is that only easy treatment are enlisted here.

1. Garlic 

Home remedies for Flu. Garlic

Research suggests that taking garlic on a daily basis reduces the probability of getting flu remarkably, what if you get flu? Do not worry now you can use garlic for the cure. Biggest possible problem with garlic is its taste if you do not like its taste you can swallow small garlic cubes with the help of water just like a tablet, or you can even purchase garlic supplements from the market.

Mostly usage of garlic is not a problem for the adults but when it comes to the children it really projects a great problem as a result of low immunity of children. In such case garlic supplements, are better.

2. Salt Water Gargling

Home remedies for Flu. Gargling

Salt water gargling is one of the best remedies for not only but sore throat as well. Doing so is more effective in the beginning when flu symptoms become noticeable. The science behind this is that salt water gargling pulls flu causing virus out of the throat and nose area which helps in fast cure of flu and sore throat. This remedy is one of the ancient Indian home remedies for flu.  Add 1/2 teaspoon salt in mildly hot water and mix well, now gargle at a frequency of 2 per day.

3. Honey

Home remedies for Flu. Honey

Honey is one of the best Home remedies for flu due to its amazing flu suppressant properties. proves to be antibacterial and antimicrobial, taking honey during the flu gives you the great relief in the symptoms of flu and sore throat and speeds up the healing process. You can add one or half teaspoon of honey in hot water and take several times a day. You can use the mixture of honey and onion juice or basil leaves (Equal Ration) for even more speedy recovery.

Honey is better for flu and sore throat as well; honey is an excellent cough suppressant. It smoothes the irritating mucous membranes which provide the relief from cough.

4. Orange Juice

Home remedies for Flu. Orange Juice

Orange juice is one of the refreshing Home remedies for Flu. Usually, people consider the juices avoidable in case of flu but the reality is contrary to this. Drinking juices especially Vitamin C rich juices can act a catalyst for the recovery procedure. Usually, people drink less water during the flu which causes not only the dehydration but makes the flue even stubborn to go. The best solution to this problem is to drink plenty of water. It will flush the viral secretions from your body and will make you feel better. Drink orange juice several times a day. It will increase the production of white blood cells in your body. It will create a stronger immune system against viruses and bacteria. Next, when the flu catches you, try this remedy. Avoid packaged juices and use only fresh natural juices.

5. Steam Bathing, one of the most soothing Home remedies for Flu.

Home remedies for Flu. Steam Bathing

Unfortunately, Still messed up with the flu?. The most effective treatment which you can take at home is taking a steam bath. Steam bathing will reduce your suffering up to an amazing level. If there is no steam bathing arrangement in your washroom you can use your conventional shower to serve the purpose. Go into the washroom, close the door and open the hot water tap. Sit away from the water to prevent yourself from burns. Fill the washroom with moist steam and take deep breathes in the steam. This remedy can be termed as one of the most effective and enjoyable among the Home remedies for Flu.


If you still not observing the improvement or recovery. First of all, you should consult your family physician as there might be some serious issues so its a wise decision to make an appointment with your doctor.



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