Home remedies – How to prevent menstrual pads rashes

How to prevent menstrual pads rashes

How to prevent menstrual pads rashes

If you are tired of menstrual rashes and in search of How to prevent menstrual pads rashes then this article is especially for you. In the menstrual period wearing sanitary pads often make rashes that can lead to itching, swelling, and redness. Sometimes, It is due to the stuff used in pads. Most Of the Times, the heat and moisture combination that leads bacterial build up. If you do not treat rashes, you have to face serious consequences so treat menstrual rashes at first. It is required to prevent rashes to expand as in worse condition it causes the fungal infection.


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Pads made from different layers of different materials. Each material has the ability to irritate your skin.

This article will make you able to learn How to prevent menstrual pads rashes

 1: Back sheet

It is often made of compounds called polyolefin. These are also used in clothing, straws, and ropes. It is comparatively hard or tough surface.

2: Absorbent core

It is between the back sheet and the top sheet. This core comprises of foam and wood cellulose. It contains absorbent gels. Absorbent absorbs the moisture and prevents rashes. This material is soft and delicate which gives the sense of relief.

3: Top sheet

It is the one that comes in contact most often with skin. The top sheet comprises of soft material.  It moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness.

4: Adhesive

These are on the back of the pad and helps to stick to underwear. Some are prepared with FDA-approved glues.

5: Fragrance

Some manufacturers may add fragrances to their pads. Some women’s skin may be sensitive to the chemicals used to provide fragrance. However, most pads place a fragrance layer under the absorbent core. This means the fragranced core hardly comes in contact with the skin.

Different Techniques for rashes treatment

1: Wear loose cotton underwear to reduce friction

2: Use different brands to determine if it causes fewer reactions.

3: Change pads frequently

4: Apply hydrocortisone cream to the outer affected area.

5: Prefer cotton pads to use

6: To prevent yeast infections, apply an antifungal cream right before the start of the period.


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