Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth – Easily At Home

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth – Easily At Home

As per one survey in 2016 only America spent $1.4 billion on Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at home. Overall teeth whitening expense is estimated around $11 billion. There are a lot of ways available to whiten your teeth naturally at home. Most of the available whitening products contain chemicals. These chemicals are concerns for many people due to their impact on health. If you want to adopt natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at home, this article is a gift for you from 99Remedy.

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List of Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth is hereinbelow,

1. Oil Pulling

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth- Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is one of the oldest and traditional Indian remedy. This remedy improves oral hygiene and removes toxins from your body. Swish oil around your mouth, bacteria from your mouth will be removed which cause plaque on your teeth. Usually, you can use sunflower or sesame oil for this purpose. You can use coconut oil as well for better results. Coconut oil is pleasant in smell and contains many other health benefits.

Coconut oil pulling is very beneficial due to its ability to reduce inflammation and kill bad bacteria. As per reliable resources, oil pulling of coconut oil is very helpful to kill mouth bacteria, remove plaque and gingivitis.

Streptococcus mutans is a primary type of bacteria which causes plaque and gingivitis in your mouth. Oil pulling with coconut or sesame oil reduces the quantity of these bad bacteria remarkably and removes the chances of getting plaque and gingivitis.

In fact, Coconut oil pulling involves swishing oil in your mouth for 10-15 minutes to kill all bad bacteria in your mouth. Perform oil pulling once in a day for one week, this will whiten your teeth remarkably and will amaze you.

2. Baking Soda Brush

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth-Baking Soda

Baking soda is very famous due to its amazing teeth whitening abilities. It is one of the most famous ingredients of the commercially available whitening toothpaste.  In fact, baking soda is mildly abrasive and rubs away the stain surface stick on your teeth. Further, Baking soda forms the Alkaline environment in your mouth which prevents the growth of bacteria in your mouth. The first thing to remember about baking soda is that it is not a remedy which will whiten your teeth overnight. You have to keep patience and keep using the baking soda for weeks for better and strong results.

One study suggests that toothpaste with baking soda are more effective than toothpaste without baking soda. Mix 1 Tbsp of baking soda with 2 Tbsp on water and brush your teeth with that paste.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth-Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an amazing agent for teeth whitening. In fact, hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent and kills all bacteria in your mouth. People are using hydrogen peroxide for many years to disinfect the wound due to its ability to kill bacteria.

Many commercially available toothpaste use hydrogen peroxide for whitening purpose. As per one study, using baking soda with 1% hydrogen peroxide is remarkably beneficial for whitening the teeth. You will ask the question- how to whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide- the answer to your this question is Make the 1.5-3% solution of the hydrogen peroxide. Use hydrogen peroxide solution as a mouth wash before the brush.

Another way to use the hydrogen peroxide is to mix it with baking soda and make a paste. Mix 2 Tbsp of baking soda with one Tbsp of hydrogen peroxide. Gently brush your teeth. The important thing to remember is that limit the usage of this paste a few time per week. Excessive usage can cause the erosion of enamel coating.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth-Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a famous disinfectant and cleaning agent due to its amazing cleaning properties. Usage of apple cider vinegar is one the best home remedies to whiten teeth instantly. Acetic acid is an active ingredient of the apple cider vinegar which kills the bacteria. The antibacterial property of the apple cider vinegar makes it very useful to clean your mouth and kill bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar has the properties of natural bleaching agent for teeth. The thing to remember is that its excessive usage can cause the softness of teeth. So usage of apple cider vinegar in optimal quantity is very beneficial for teeth whitening purpose.

The acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar is dangerous for enamel coating of teeth. So, you should limit the usage of apple cider vinegar. You should limit the time for which apple cider vinegar remains in contact with your teeth.

Everyone is the life full haste thinks- how to whiten teeth instantly- this thinking compels an individual to go beyond the limit. Be careful and use these remedies in an optimum manner.

Dilute the apple cider vinegar with water and use it as a mouth wash a few times per week. Over usage of apple cider vinegar can cause damage to the enamel coating of your teeth.

5. Fruits and Vegetables

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth-Fruits and Vegetables

Usage of fruits and vegetables is one of the harmless and natural ways to whiten teeth at home. Be very clear that there are no natural ways to whiten teeth overnight; you have to show patience and consistency for the results.

Diet including fruits and vegetables is not only good for your teeth but for overall health as well. Fruits and vegetables are natural ways to whiten teeth without damaging the enamel coating. In particular, you can use strawberries and pineapple as Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at home.


Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth-Strawberries

Consumption of strawberries is very joyful method among Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth. You can use a mixture of strawberries and baking soda for better and speedy results. Strawberries contain malic acid which is helpful in removing discoloration from your teeth. Malic acid will buff away stains from your teeth.

One research suggests that a mixture of strawberries and baking soda is less effective than commercially available toothpaste. If you want to avail a try, you should limit its usage a few times per week. Smash a strawberry and mix it well with baking soda and use it as a toothpaste.


Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth-Pineapple

As per one study, pineapple is very useful for whitening your teeth. Usage of pineapple is among the natural ways to clean teeth without toothpaste. Pineapple contains bromelain which is helpful for teeth whitening. Commercially available toothpaste contains bromelain as well.

6. The Preventive Approach Towards Tooth Stains

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth-Prevention

Your teeth become naturally yellow with the passage of time. Natural ways to get white teeth and gums are recommended but you should not ignore preventive approach towards the tooth stains. You can adopt little strategies to prevent your teeth from stains and becoming yellow. The strategies include,

Reduce Staining Foods

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth-Soada and Coffee

Coffee, soda, red wine, and berries are notorious for tooth staining so you should avoid them. It does not require to completely avoid but you should cut down the consumption up to an optimum level.

The best strategy is to use a straw for drinking in order to prevent direct contact with your teeth. You should brush immediately after consuming such foods. You should avoid smoking and tobacco. Consuming tobacco and smoking cause tooth discoloration.

Limit Sugar Intake

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth-Sugar

If you really want your teeth white then you should cut sugar intake in your diet. Sugar promotes the growth of Streptococcus mutans bacteria which cause plaque and gingivitis. When you consume sugary food, you should brush teeth soon after consumption.

Calcium Intake in Your Diet

Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth-Calcium Intake

Tooth discoloration is the result of enamel eroding. When enamel coating erodes then underneath dentin becomes exposed. This underneath dentin is yellow in color and causes the yellow color appearance to our teeth. Calcium strengthens enamel coating. Consume calcium-rich foods as this food will repair damaged enamel coating and will make your teeth pearly white.  Calcium-rich foods include milk, cheese, and broccoli.


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