Relief From Menstrual Pain – A must try Remedies

Relief From Menstrual Pain

Relief From Menstrual Pain

During the menstrual cycle, Relief From Menstrual Pain is a challenge for most of the ladies. A series of hormones changes occur in women’s bodies. Hormonal level rise or fall all depends upon the stage of the menstrual cycle. These changes affect the mood and level of energy.

The duration of the menstrual period varies from woman to woman. The average has every 28 days.

Menstrual cramps occur when uterus contract to shed the lining when it contracts press blood vessels and squeeze them which in turn cut off the oxygen supply. This causes pain and cramps. The following article will be helpful in period pain relief.

The worst condition of menstrual cramps is Endometriosis. Uterine fibroids, Adenomyosis, Pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical stenosis. Women must go for the home remedies for cramps pain relief instead of consuming period pain tablets.

During menses, women’s mood and behavior change like some women become depressed. Some feel emotional, some experience an increase in appetite.

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This article will make you able to learn Relief From Menstrual Pain.

1: Apply Heat

Relief From Menstrual Pain

This can be done by having a hot bath or by using a hot water bottle. Apply it to the abdominal area, it relieves pain and relaxes the muscles.

2: Massage and Oil

Relief From Menstrual Pain

Use sesame oil to massage around the stomach area it is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It helps to relieve cramps.

3: Exercise

Relief From Menstrual Pain

It is commonly thought that if you are in menstrual pain you cannot exercise or even move. It is a false assumption. Exercising increases circulation to the pelvic region and helps to relax muscles which relieve the pain.

4: Fennel Seeds

Relief From Menstrual Pain

It helps to reduce bloating and helpful indigestion. It relieves pain and muscle cramps and restores the balance of women hormones. Young girls must-try home remedies for period pain  like using natural foods and other remedies.

5: Bananas

Relief From Menstrual Pain

It reduces the boating and water retention. bananas are rich in magnesium, potassium, and B6 which is helpful in painful days.

6: Almonds

menstrual cramp relief

It is important to get enough protein and fiber during menstruation. This helps your blood sugar, in turn, reducing craving.

7: Stay Hydrated

period pain relief

Take high water-content foods like cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes, and asparagus. After learning from above-explained remedies you are well known for ways to relieve period cramps. You must try at least some of the remedies and then let us know about what are the results on your side.


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