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Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands

Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands

This article will let you know the Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands. Dry hands are an irritating condition. However, technically dry hands are not a dangerous health condition but it may cause great discomfort for you.

Dry Hands Causes

Usually, dry hands are because of environmental conditions. You may experience extremely dry hands in winters. This is because in winters your body does now sweat optimally. Consequently, your skin barrier faces a loss of water and cause dryness. Furthermore, excessive hand wash, chemical handling, and medical conditions may also cause extremely dry cracked hands.

Home Remedies for dry cracked hands and fingers

However, there are a large number of home remedies for severely dry cracked hands. But in this article, we will explain the best Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands. Irrespective of the cause of dry hands, these remedies will equally treat the dry skin issues.

So, in order to combat the dry cracked hands below mentioned are the Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands.

1. Moisturizers

Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands - Hydrocortisone Cream

The use of the moisturizers is considered one of the best home remedies for severely dry cracked hands. This is because moisturizers will restore the required water quantity in your skin. Furthermore, moisturizers will lock the moist into your skin. Consequently, you will have smooth and pulpy skin. However, there are some limitations with these synthetic moisturizer uses. Try to purchase skincare products having organic preservatives.

2. Gloves Wearing

Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands - Gloves Wearing

Sometimes, you catch dry hands because of excessive use of hands. If you are working on any task with bare hands. This can cause dryness on your hands. So, always wear essential protective gloves in order to prevent skin cracking on your hands. For example, you have to keep your hands in water for a long time, such as you are washing utensils. The continuous flow of water over your hands can rupture the skin protective layer. Consequently, you may develop dryness and cracks on your hands.

3. UV Light Therapy

UV Light Therapy

UV is one of the instant and effective Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands. If you have severe psoriasis, UV light therapy may heal the problem efficiently. However, you should consult with your dermatologist prior to consider UV therapy for skin issues.

4. Treat Overnight

Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands - Treat Overnight

One of the best and effective treatments for dry and cracked hands is to treat them overnight. So, apply any petroleum moisturizer on your hands and wear socks gloves. Leave them overnight and remove the gloves in the morning. Keeping your hand covered overnight will make your hands to absorb sufficient moisture. Consequently, you will witness smooth and pulpy hands in the morning.

5. Medical Treatment

Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands - Medical Treatment

Even after using different methods to treat dryness, if you are not witnessing cure. So, you should consult your dermatologist immediately. He may prescribe you any special cream or lotion. This special lotion may contain lactic acid or urea. Both both ingredients are famous for treating skin dryness. Furthermore, these lotions will give you smooth and pulpy skin with a shiny look.

6. Hydrocortisone Cream

Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands - Moisturizers

Hydrocortisone is considered one of the most popular Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands. If you have a dry skin problem for a long time, you may develop dermatitis. Consequently, you will catch inflamed and red skin on your hands. So, hydrocortisone can heal dermatitis efficiently. Furthermore, this ingredient will treat skin itching and redness.

7. Wet Dressing

Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands - Wet Dressing

It is a wise decision to treat the skin dryness before developing the cracks. This is because, in the beginning, it is much easier to treat skin dryness.  However, if you develop complex skin problems. It may cause great discomfort and irritation for you. So, your doctor may prescribe you wet dressing over your hands. Doing so will cause great comfort because it will fulfill the moist requirement of your hand’s skin.

8. Heavy-Duty Moisturizer

Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands - Heavy-Duty Moisturizer

If you are experiencing severe dryness. You may try the heavy-duty moisturizers. For example, you can use deep moisturizers like moisturizers made of animals. This is because these moisturizers will penetrate deeply into your skin and cause smooth skin.  For this purpose, you can use Bag Balm, which is designed for cow’s udders. However, do not use these moisturizers frequently. Because you can develop other skin problems due to prolonged use.

10. Decrease Stress

Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands - Decrease Stress

If you want to get rid of your dry and irritating skin. So, you should try to reduce stress. It may look a bit awkward but skin dryness is linked with stress. Furthermore, stress can develop eczema which a skin disease. So, try to reduce your stress and get involved in healthy and fun activities. Furthermore, reducing stress will improve your overall health and you will start to enjoy your life.

11. Medication

Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands - Medication

If you are not improving your skin conditions irrespective of all the above-mentioned treatments. So, medication is considered one of the decisive Treatments for Dry and Cracked Hands. So, consult your dermatologist on a priority basis. Your doctor may prescribe you some antibiotics or steroids. You can apply steroids on your skin and take antibiotics orally. Furthermore, you may develop eczema due to prolong skin issues. So, taking proper medicines after doctor’s prescription is one and last way to Treat Dry and Cracked Hands.


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